THE HYATT REGENCY • MIAMI, FLORIDA • 07.09.19–07.13.19


Virtuoso Canadian trumpeter Richard Carson Steuart, a 20-year Kanstul Performing Artist, took on and completed the challenge of building a replica of the “Clarino” trumpet, as was played by the famous German trumpet genius, Johann Gottfried Reiche (1667–1734). Reiche, himself a highly acclaimed virtuoso, was the Solo Trumpeter for whom Johann Sebastian Bach wrote and in some cases even rewrote his most challenging and difficult secular and religious works involving the trumpet. This began immediately after Bach’s arrival in Leipzig in 1723, when he assumed the prestigious position of “Director Chori Musici Lipisiensis” (Musical Director of the City of Leipzig), a position he was to maintain until his death in 1750.

Steuart, who has been researching and building his “Clarino” trumpet since 2015, has cooperated with Kanstul since 1997 on many instrument designs and research developments, including the Kanstul rotary-valve trumpets and specifcally for Baroque Music, his most remarkable contribution to date: the celebrated Model 1520 Bb/A/G piccolo trumpet. He also designs and builds refined and exclusive instruments and mouthpieces, both of historical and modern design, under his own brand La Tromba Music Productions in Germany.This new “Clarino” trumpet, as well as other prototype La Tromba instruments both as La Tromba and Kanstul/La Tromba cooperation instruments, will be performed on and offically presented for the first time in public by Richard Carson Steuart personally, in a special lecture and concert—to be film documented—on the 18th of November, 2017.

The lecture-concert will take place in the “Historical City Hall” in Leipzig, Germany, on the exact location where Johann Gottfried Reiche, employed his entire professional career by the City of Leipzig, reaching the status of “Senior Stadtmusicus” (Senior Performing City Musician) in 1719, served his regular musical duties right up to the day of his sudden death on October 5th, 1734.


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