Peter Pickett

The 45th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference

The Hyatt Regency • Columbus, Ohio • 5.26.20 – 5.30.20

Peter Pickett

Peter Pickett founded Pickett Brass in 2003, with only a manual lathe, 3 feet of brass, and an idea.  From this small start, Peter grew Pickett Brass to where it now designs and creates brass instrument mouthpieces and accessories shipping all over the world.  In 2016, Pickett Brass acquired Blackburn Trumpets and proudly carries forth the legacy and traditions of Cliff Blackburn in the manufacture of Blackburn Trumpets.
Peter started his first mechanical engineering job after graduating from Virginia Tech in 1998 with Lexmark International, in Lexington, Kentucky.  His engineering graduate studies involved acoustic modeling of trumpet instrument design, coupled with active noise control control systems.  Playing trumpet extensively for many years after also completing a BA degree in music performance, Peter wanted to continue his mechanical engineering master’s studies on trumpet acoustics.
Combining skills across a multitude of disciplines and experiences, Peter has assembled a team of craftsmen and multiple state of the art CNC machines and software to produce world class quality products for the musical community around the world.  Pickett Brass and Blackburn Trumpets are applying years of playing and manufacturing experience with top professional names today to produce distinctive, high performance mouthpieces and instruments.


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