The 45th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference

The Hyatt Regency • Columbus, Ohio • 5.26.20 – 5.30.20

Derek Ganong

Session: Laurie Frink’s Trumpet Drills

A California native, Derek is highly regarded as both a jazz and classical trumpeter, and has developed a reputation for professionalism and excellence in all areas of music. Dr. Ganong holds a Doctorate of Music in Jazz and Classical trumpet from the University of Miami, as well as a Master of Music in studio/jazz trumpet from NYU, and a Bachelor of Arts in Ethnomusicology and Computational Cognition from UCLA.

As Assistant Professor of Music at Boise State University, Dr. G teaches courses in music technology, applied trumpet, and directs the jazz department. He is also the festival director for the Gene Harris Jazz Festival and runs the Boise State Jazz Orchestra. Derek runs a progressive trumpet studio and is on the forefront of trumpet performance practice and pedagogy in the symphonic, jazz, and commercial realms.

Dr. Ganong is also involved in the field of arts entrepreneurship, and has been a founding member of music camps, ensembles, and a trendsetter in curricula. As a member of The Vice City Brass and the Fredericksburg Brass Institute, Dr. G is constantly seeking to push the boundaries of brass performance, chamber music, and pedagogy. Dr. Ganong is committed to the multifaceted nature of the trumpet, and to the ever-broadening scope of professional music. His career goals include becoming part of a diverse faculty pool, as well as becoming a successful performer, soloist, and chamber musician.

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