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THE HYATT REGENCY • MIAMI, FLORIDA • 07.09.19–07.13.19

Call for Research Proposals

International Trumpet Guild Conference 2019.


The primary aim of this session is to provide a blind peer-reviewed research forum for current higher education / tertiary level teachers, performers, graduate students, Teaching Assistants and professors to present experimental, action, qualitative, or quantitative research or theories about trumpet performance and / or pedagogy.

Researchers should submit a 500-word abstract that outlines their work to be considered for a 15-20 minute oral presentation. Research work may be developed from graduate or dissertation work, or recently completed research. This is not a lecture-recital or master-class session.

Presenters will be given the opportunity to share their work with interested participants over the course of the 2-hour session. Typically only 5-6 of the best proposals received will be accepted. Presenters will benefit from sharing their work with others in the room, informally, and professionally have access to future collaboration nationally and internationally. Presenters sharing their work may choose to deliver handouts and summaries of their work to the audience on the day. Successful proposal abstracts will be published in the program.

Submissions should be submitted electronically to the Research Room Chair attached to an email, titled “ITG Research Room Proposal” in the following manner:

  • As a word document -doc, docx (do not send PDF files). Please use 1-inch margins and double-spaced text, in 12 point Roman Numeral font. The submission title should be 100 characters maximum in length, upper and lower case. The formatting is to adhere to APA style – please see guidelines and an example of an abstract:
  • The proposal, in abstract format up to 500 words in length, describes the research question/s, the methods, the findings and provides suggestions for the field. It also includes a reference list (not included in word count) and any figures or tables that will assist the review panel.
  • The submission abstract must provide an indication of the research purpose, content, methodologies, and findings to be considered.

Submissions not adhering to these requirements will not be reviewed.

Please do not include names or affiliate institutions on the actual submission document file.

Submissions will be accepted by the Chair, anytime until November 15th 2018 and will be reviewed by a panel of experts in trumpet performance and pedagogy. Accepted proposal authors will be notified early in 2019. They must be members of the ITG and register for the conference to present their research.

Please send an an email – using the subject heading “ITG Research Room Proposal” -that includes the following information:


  • First Name, Last Name
  • Title/Position
  • Institution
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone

Attach the submission file to the email.

Any questions should be directed via email – using the subject heading “ITG Research Room” – to the Ongoing Research Room Chair; Kelly A. Parkes,


Link to Lodging here.


Application Here.

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